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Paul Ray
A New Leader for
a New Century.

Utah's heritage and strength is deeply rooted in its people and quality of life. Paul is running for state representative in District 13 so he can work to protect and preserve this quality of life. He wants to ensure your children and his have the best opportunities possible.

Representation by Paul Ray means you have an advocate in the Utah House of Representatives, someone who is willing to fight for your views and needs. Paul is committed to his community and seeing the best happen in the future. Paul wants to make a difference by taking your agenda, not his, to the legislative session.

Paul Ray...
Committed to Family

"Family Values" is much more than a campaign slogan for Paul Ray. He is active in his community, volunteering as a Jr. Jazz basketball coach and working with kids to provide a positive role model. As your state representative, Paul will support legislation that fosters the role of the family in society, gives more rights to parents, and promotes positive youth activities.

Paul Ray...
Committed to Education

What we do for our children today will determine whether they see the 21st century Utah as a land of opportunity or a place of lost dreams. Paul supports legislation that will provide for more accountability, class size reduction, competitive teacher salaries, and quality teaching materials for the classroom, while also giving more decision-making power to the local level.


Paul and his wife, Julie, a native of Roy, live in
Clinton and are rearing their three children:
Jesee-age 6, Kaycee-age 4, and Zachary-age 2.


Paul Ray...
Committed to Crime Prevention

As a father of three, Paul worries every day about the safety of his children. Paul feels keeping people safe in their homes and on the street is government's highest duty. Passing more laws is not always the solution. We need to enforce existing laws and take a look at what programs are working, then make sure that law enforcement has the funds necessary to implement them.

Paul Ray...
Committed to the Future

Many times, politicians only look toward the next election. When representing you, Paul will make decisions based on future generations. Each day residents find themselves sitting in more traffic, experiencing more air pollution, and losing more open space. Paul supports legislation that provides for planned growth. Such a plan pushes Utahns to consider ideas like Legacy Highway, commuter rail, land preservation, and clean air and water policies.

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